C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group is focused on providing cost-effective solutions to noise problems within the vertical transportation market. With the CQuiet™ Noise Control Products introduction, we are  continuing the 30 year C.E. tradition of bringing practical and effective solutions to the marketplace.

Experience and success has allowed C.E. to grow and expand our core capabilities to include full scale design and manufacture of innovative noise solutions. Today, C.E. manufactures high performance products needed to solve many of the industries noise problems. CQuiet™ products address specific noise problems in Hydraulic, Traction and MRL systems and their respective room environments.

Our 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Bryan, OH supports the skills and operations necessary to assure our continued delivery of high quality products. Our facility has the room and flexibility to accommodate both the manufacture of custom solutions and our standard CQuiet™ products.

C.E. has a rich history of innovation and creative problem solving simply because we take the time to listen to you about the challenges you face. Our “meet the need” attitude has brought us to the forefront with solutions to our core industry markets. We consider your challenges as business opportunities.

C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group has a complete range of noise solution products and engineered systems for the vertical transportation market. CQuiet™ product solutions are only available through your elevator service contractor. 

If you are the facility manager or owner, have your elevator company contact us directly to discuss your facilities elevator noise problems.

C.E. Electronics - Acoustics Group is committed to continued growth, innovation and success – ours and our customers’.

CQuiet™ Noise Control Products…..….when you need to see quiet


Give us a call now at: 419.633.3178 



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